Use BuyNow  and Paypal option to collect payment when you sell your product on

The goal of anybody advertising their product online is ultimately to be able to sell that product and collect money for it as quickly as possible. A lot of classified advertising sites don't have the option of direct purchase for the potential buyers. In those cases you as a seller need to wait for the potential buyer to contact you and then make payment arrangement.

This will prolong the process, something that both the seller and the buyer may not like. FabuLink has simplified this process by creating the "Buynow" option that sellers can select when they post their ad. 



How does the Buynow option work?

When a potential buyer ( The customer) clicks on the Buynow button on your ad to make a purchase the site will be redirected to Paypal payment processing. From there the customer will login to Paypal and will continue with the rest of the transaction.


Requirement for the Buynow Option to work

1-You as the seller of the product must have an active account with Paypal.

2-You as the seller must fill out the Paypal_email address in the Edit Profile page in

Login to > Go to My account > My Profile > Enter your Paypal email address in the Edit Profile  page and save. Click here to go to login page.